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Are you a frustrated musician looking for a band?

Do you need a live band for your venue or party?

Look no further!

The BandMaker is a site run by musicians for musicians. You will find a database of musicians and bands to suit all tastes.

To find a band for your venue/party simply follow the link and choose a band using our powerful search engine. Choose by type of music, location, price etc. You can even listen to a soundbite and see a picture before you contact them. This service is completely FREE, you don't even need to register.

Should you be looking to join or form a band then you can search our database for musicians based on musical type, location, instruments played etc. When you have registered for FREE simply wait for contact from a band and hey presto, fame and fortune (maybe!)

Also, when you register you gain access to the following:

FREE band advertising in our database.

Access to the page allowing you to send a message to any of the users on our database and form a band. Don't wait to be contacted, be proactive and grab the best musicians before someone else does.

Help keep The BandMaker FREE, click on one of our adverts before you leave.

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We are here to help new bands and new talent get started. Search our database for like minded musicians in your area. When you have found your ideal band members and written some songs, come back and advertise on our database for FREE, including a picture and a soundbite. As we are such a new site our database is still not up to its full strength. If you can't find a new band member here immediately, come back next week. The database is filling up every day. Donít accept bland produced music any more. Start a real band. Start a live band!

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